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Spring Reading List

book list

Whether it’s inside on a rainy day or outside when the sun is shining, why don’t you pick up a good book? Here’s what I’ve been reading this spring. Have you read any of these? What have you been reading lately?


Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

Soon to be released as a motion picture, this comedy novel is a fun read. It tells the story of architect, wife, mother, and a bit of a hot mess, Bernadette. When life gets crazy, Bernadette goes missing. Did she go crazy as well? The format of the book is really fun, made up of emails, police reports, texts, and narrative. Read it before the movie comes out!

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

Another book that’s going to be made into a movie, The Perfect Mother tells the harrowing tale of a mother who found her baby missing after she had a night out on the town. You won’t want to put this book down.

The Oracle Year by Charles Soule

The Oracle Year takes you on a wild ride as you read about Will and his ability to predict the future. The internet is engrossed with his predictions, meanwhile, the government is paying equal attention. The predictions, which came to him in a dream, send him on the run from his skeptics and enemies, making this a fun story to follow along on his adventure.  


Flat Broke with Two Goats by Jennifer McGaha

Jennifer’s husband was hiding a secret from her, they owed a lot in back taxes and their house would be foreclosed.  So they packed up their belongings and bought a farm and some goats. Soon they were going back to basics, working side by side to rebuild their finances and their life. Maybe they should have read my post on how to handle finances with your significant other.

Light Reading

Just Being Audrey by Margaret Cardillo

If you are as big a fan as I am of Audrey Hepburn, you should read Just Being Audrey.  This lovely illustrated book takes you through the life of Audrey Hepburn. More than just a beautiful face, Audrey truly was even more beautiful on the inside.  

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