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How Organization Can Save You Money

how organization can save money

Know What You Have and Put It to Use

How many of you have seen Marie Kondo’s special on Netflix? Very inspiring, isn’t it? Doesn’t it make you want to stack all your clothes on your bed and find what sparks joy and get organized? It has definitely inspired me to go through my things. Not only does organizing have the benefit of cleaning up a mess, but it can also help save you money. That is a pretty good motivator, wouldn’t you agree?

Clean Out Your Closet, Not Your Wallet

When you clean your house, get things organized, and pair down to only the things that you need or enjoy, you simplify your life. There are countless books and blogs and people who have taken on the minimalist lifestyle to let go of excess and enjoy quality items in their home. You do not have to convert to minimalism, but there is wisdom in the idea of pairing down. Things often get lost in the clutter of life. Sunglasses, a book, my sanity. But they can often get expensive. When I can’t find my sunglasses, I  could buy a new pair. That candle I ordered online smells more like wet dog than rain soaked forest, but I forgot about it and now I can’t find the return slip. It will end up in the back of a cabinet, never to be burned, and that money is out the window.

Know What You Have

If you set up a proper place for things and get into the habit of putting things away, all that can be avoided. Just ten minutes of straightening a room, making your bed, hanging up your coat, recycling the junk mail, can make an impact. Then when you are running out the door, you will know your sunglasses are right where you put them when you walked in the door last night. Got a last minute invitation to a baby shower with a strict yellow and green theme? You don’t need to run out to get a new outfit, you can easily find that yellow scarf among your accessories to comply with the host’s instructions.  When you know what you have, you will be less likely to buy duplicates or overbuy.

Waste Not, Want Not

Don’t let things go to waste because you forgot you had it. That darn crisper drawer. Too many times I’ve put veggies in there and returned a few days later to find them spoiled having forgotten they were there. Read my post on saving money on food.

If you cannot get use out of something, maybe someone else can. Can you find things you are not using? Maybe you can trade. Last summer we grew cucumbers in the backyard and had more than we knew what to do with. So we traded some with our neighbor for their lovely tomatoes.

Mix Things Up

My system for my closet is to go through it twice a year. In the Spring I pull out my Summer clothes and put away my Winter clothes. In Fall I do the reverse. By doing this, I make room for my clothes so they aren’t over crowded making it difficult to see what I have. It also gives me a chance to take account of what I have, what I’m keeping, what needs to be replaced, what I need to get rid of, and so on. Going through everything often inspires me to make new outfit combinations with existing pieces in my wardrobe. Mixing things up gives new life to your old stuff. Try it with your furniture and accessories as well. Tired of looking at the same picture over the mantle? Swap it out with the mirror over your headboard. Put things away for a season. Then when you pull them out of storage you’ve had some time to miss them.

So what are you waiting for? Get stacking, get sparks of joy, get organized, and save some cash!

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    hi … makes me want to organize things :0) and cant wait till spring.

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