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You can purchase a pre-made wreath, but making one is more fun. Once you own the necessary supplies, you can make a new creation every year!

Growing up on a cut your own Christmas tree farm, I had easy access to fresh greens. Firs, spruce, pine, oh my! December meant time to get out the supplies and start making wreaths. No two looked exactly alike. Simple or all decked out, each brought holiday cheer. It’s a simple task, gather the supplies and make your own wreath this year.


  • Greens
  • Pruning shears
  • Decorations (Pine Cones, Ribbon, etc.)
  • Metal Wreath Ring
  • Green Floral Wire


  1. Cut your greens. You may find it easiest to cut your greens to a manageable size before you start assembling it to the ring. Depending on the diameter of your ring, cut the greens proportionally. Try 6-8 inches long.
  2. Cut some floral wire. Cut pieces 4-6 inches long to have ready for assembly.
  3. Affix the greens to the ring. Using the floral wire, attach bunches of greens to the wire, overlapping and working around the circle. I like to make it full.
  4. Add decorations. Use pine cones, bows, ribbon, ornaments, berries, decorative signs, get creative.
  5. Hang it up. Make a loop of floral wire to hang it from.
  6. Re-use it. When the season is over, remove and the decorations and throw away the greens. Save the decorations and metal ring to use again next year.


Greens can be sticky with tree sap. You may need to clean your pruning shears after you cut the greens. Use warm soapy water and dry thoroughly to prevent rust.

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